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William Pinson

From the unique journey I have followed, I have been fortunate to meet many really great people and learn much from them, as well as to meet many hard challenges, and conquer each and learn much from them.  Along that path I've been presented with opportunities to learn, grow, and excel in quite a wide variety of areas surrounding the field of electronic product development in oil & gas and in aerospace, particularly where the challenges included hazardous areas.

I am a problem-solving engineer, project manager, and consultant who drives to results; mentor, servant-leader who works to a high standard of integrity, with varying experience from circuit design to project management, from product sustaining to product development, with solid understanding of electrical safety & EMC standards, IPC standards, their applicability, and certification & compliance to them, and with a familiarity with Mil standards, API standards, USCG and ABS standards.

All of the above applied to the Oil & Gas industry, as well as Military & Aerospace. SME for Compliance, EMC, and Standards mentioned above, particularly Haz/Loc standards, world wide (US & Canada, ATEX, IECEx). Also a subject matter expert for cabling & cable assembly design, and for plastics & insulation materials. 

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